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Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday season is here and nothing brings me more joy than cozying up on the couch while watching holiday baking shows. This time of year calls for more family time and lots and lots of holiday treats! Check out the image below for gift ideas, and comment your favorite holiday item for this year below.

Back to School Nerves

Last year was tough, and to say that school looked “different” would be an understatement. With that, more children than ever are demonstrating difficulty with the transition back to school for this year. Big transitions can be tricky, and they can bring up big emotions for our small humans. I wanted to provide a fewContinue reading “Back to School Nerves”

Olympic Torch Craft

One of my favorite things to do is to watch the Olympics. In fact, I am watching the olympics as I type this today! Summer or winter, I am so in awe at the athleticism and camaraderie. Using the Olympic games as our inspiration, our groups created a torch craft that was so adorable, fun,Continue reading “Olympic Torch Craft”

Crossing Midline

Crossing midline is the ability for our bodies to cross that imaginary line running straight down from the middle of our head to our toes, otherwise known as our “midline”. Crossing midline happens all the time, like when we scratch an elbow, cross our legs, or read a book. Crossing midline helps build neural pathwaysContinue reading “Crossing Midline”

Tactile System + Easy Sensory Bin Idea!

The tactile system refers to receptors located in our skin that send messages to the brain to process and interpret information including: temperature, texture, pain, pressure, and traction. Tactile sensitivity (either hyper-, hypo-) can look like: Avoiding messy play, avoiding messy hands Avoids hair washing/hand washing Has difficulty with certain clothing items/textures or tags NeedsContinue reading “Tactile System + Easy Sensory Bin Idea!”


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