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Fall Apple Cookies

Fall brings along one of my favorite activities – apple picking! What better way to enjoy the season than with a delicious apple snack! Our groups gave this a go, as well as our kids working on expanding their diet through feeding therapy. To start, pick out your favorite apple variety. It can be funContinue reading “Fall Apple Cookies”

Functioning Labels

Like many other allied health-professionals, I was taught to use functioning labels to describe a client. You may be familiar with these labels, such as “high-functioning” or “low-functioning”. Over the past few months, I have listened to those with lived experience, as they are the experts! The overall consensus is that functioning labels are outdated,Continue reading “Functioning Labels”

Group Therapy: Update

Our group therapy sessions are the best way to help your child develop their preferred social communication, while further building on their individual therapy goals. The friendship building that happens in group is natural, and problem-solving is gently guided by the therapists. Our group therapy sessions include both occupational therapy (OT) services and speech-language pathologyContinue reading “Group Therapy: Update”

Spring Dirt Cups

Our groups decided to ring in spring by making dirt cups! Dirt cups are so tasty, but making them also helps to work on fine motor skills, self-care skills, and directive following. Check out the recipe below to make delicious dirt cups at home! Ingredients: Chocolate pudding cup Cool whip Oreo cookies Gummy worms MediumContinue reading “Spring Dirt Cups”

Calm Down Corner

Having a small space set up for your child to self-regulate in can take some of the guesswork out of self-regulation at home. Whether its called a “calm down corner” or a “quiet corner” – the goal is all the same. We want your child to feel comfortable and safe when they feel escalated orContinue reading “Calm Down Corner”


Researcher Mildred Parten identified six stages of play typically seen during early childhood. While every child is different and may progress through these stages differently, it can be helpful to know approximately what to expect during the early childhood years. Let’s take a look at the stages: Unoccupied Play: During this stage, the child isContinue reading “Play”

Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday season is here and nothing brings me more joy than cozying up on the couch while watching holiday baking shows. This time of year calls for more family time and lots and lots of holiday treats! Check out the image below for gift ideas, and comment your favorite holiday item for this year below.


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