What is OT?




Occupational Therapy

is a service based healthcare profession where we aim to assist people in engaging and participating in meaningful occupations. Pediatric occupational therapists help children acquire, restore, and successfully perform daily activities. Children may face challenges due to physical injury or illness, neurologic or cognitive impairments, or developmental or learning disabilities. Pediatric occupational therapists are trained to use a multitude of intervention methods designed to engage the child to learn and explore through play and practice. Through these exchanges with the therapist, the child obtains skills necessary for success at home, school, and in the community. Occupational therapy is an evidence based, client centered profession that prioritizes independence and function.

Our practice utilizes a sensory integration approach which works to activate the body’s different sensory systems including our movement system (vestibular), our muscle position system (proprioceptive), tactile system (touch), visual system (sight), auditory system (hearing), olfactory (smell) system and gustatory (taste) system. By activating and addressing dysfunction within these systems, we can see changes in areas of difficulty including: fine motor skills, handwriting, gross motor skills, postural control, motor planning, attention, behavior, sleep, grooming, feeding, peer skills and more.

Wondering if your child would benefit from OT? Check out this list of common signs: