Sensory Sensitive Halloween Ideas

It’s October, and to me and most of the office that means Halloween. The weather gets cooler and the leaves start to fall. We like to start early around here, to really make it a festive time. Halloween can be such a fun and memorable time for children. For children with sensory processing difficulties, thatContinue reading “Sensory Sensitive Halloween Ideas”

Feed The Penguin: FM/VM Activity

Fine motor skills involve the ability to coordinate the smaller muscles of the hands. For OT purposes, we look at fine motor skills as they relate to functional tasks that our clients need or want to do in their daily lives. Our fine motor skills are closely related to our visual motor skills. Visual motorContinue reading “Feed The Penguin: FM/VM Activity”

Tactile System + Easy Sensory Bin Idea!

The tactile system refers to receptors located in our skin that send messages to the brain to process and interpret information including: temperature, texture, pain, pressure, and traction. Tactile sensitivity (either hyper-, hypo-) can look like: Avoiding messy play, avoiding messy hands Avoids hair washing/hand washing Has difficulty with certain clothing items/textures or tags NeedsContinue reading “Tactile System + Easy Sensory Bin Idea!”