Functioning Labels

Like many other allied health-professionals, I was taught to use functioning labels to describe a client. You may be familiar with these labels, such as “high-functioning” or “low-functioning”. Over the past few months, I have listened to those with lived experience, as they are the experts! The overall consensus is that functioning labels are outdated,Continue reading “Functioning Labels”

Group Therapy: Update

Our group therapy sessions are the best way to help your child develop their preferred social communication, while further building on their individual therapy goals. The friendship building that happens in group is natural, and problem-solving is gently guided by the therapists. Our group therapy sessions include both occupational therapy (OT) services and speech-language pathologyContinue reading “Group Therapy: Update”

Cutting and Scissor Skills

Cutting with scissors is a complex task that incorporates many aspects of visual-motor and fine motor skills. It is important to note that every child is an individual, and will develop differently! Looking at milestones in relation to scissor skills can help you decide what is appropriate for you child, and where they should beContinue reading “Cutting and Scissor Skills”