What is Proprioception?

Proprioception is our perception or awareness of the positioning and movement of our bodies. Proprioceptive input is information we get from our muscles and joints, and it tells our brains where our body is in space. Proprioception helps us walk, stand, sit, throw a ball, hold a pencil and so much more.

Proprioception quick facts:

  • Many people who have a difficulty in this area tend to be clumsy and they may fall often. They may have difficulty manipulating small objects. You may notice that they enjoy bumping into others or items. They may touch the wall when walking down the hallway. They may walk or jump heavily. You may see toe-walking as well
  • Proprioceptive input can be very calming to our systems
  • Any activity that makes muscles work against resistance will have a calming and organizing effect (these are referred to as heavy work activities)

Try some of these proprioceptive rich activities to increase your kiddos sense of calm:

  • Carry boxes or books
  • Climbing ladders at the playground
  • Pushing/pulling games (wheelbarrow walks, tug-of-war, ), push a stroller or pull wagon
  • Carry a weighted backpack
  • Spraying and wiping mirrors, windows, tables, washing cars, etc.
  • Wringing and folding washcloths, towels
  • Laying under heavy blankets or quilts
  • Make a pillow pile, jump and crash!
  • Bounce and roll a medicine ball
  • Pushing hands together or doing a chair push-up, wall pushes (push against the wall, count to 10)
  • Animal walks (bear crawl, frog jumps, crab walk, etc.)
  • Chewing (starburst, stale pretzels, apples, gum, etc.)

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