Group Therapy

Have you ever wondered how to best help your child develop pragmatic [social] skills? The best way to develop these skills is to practice them! Group therapy sessions currently include only 2 children, to ensure that all safety and health precautions are taken. Our group therapy sessions include both occupational therapy (OT) services and speech-language pathology (SLP) services to increase the development of not only communication skills but fine and gross motor skills as well. Our group sessions are between 60-90 minutes long. Health precautions include masks for children and therapists, shields, gloves, air filters, sanitizing and hand washing + constant cleaning of items before/during/after. We also decrease the sharing of items by having each child bring along a small container of commonly used items (i.e. markers, pencils, scissors).

A group therapy session project: S’mores Indoors! The kiddos practiced roasting marshmallows and created a craft “fire”. After, they were able to take home individualized bags complete with everything needed to make a S’more safely at home.

For more info, check out the winter group therapy flyer below. To reserve a spot in a small group, contact me!

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