Holiday Gift Guide 2022

My Favorite Ways to Play:

  1. Scented Markers: Tape your paper on the wall or under the desk to switch up the arm positioning and to increase wrist extension while you enjoy the silly smells!
  2. Cozy Canoe: Relax in the canoe with a weighted blanket and a story, or hide puzzle pieces inside for a fun game!
  3. Pop-up Tunnels: Getting ready to play a family game? Put the pieces on one side, and have your child crawl through to get them for set-up. Have your child do different animal walks (bear crawl, crab walk, bunny hops) from one side of the room to the other, and then crawl back through the tunnel to start again.
  4. Infant Sensory Bins: Mix them up, spread them out, and don’t forget to put their feet inside for a fun new sensory experience!
  5. Sensory Mats: Set them up like a pathway and walk across, but don’t touch the lava floor!! Put them in a rectangle and have a dance party on top!
  6. Projector Flashlights: Find a dark space to explore this visual game. Have two? Have your child chase your light with theirs to work on scanning and saccades. Switch it up and move fast vs. slow!
  7. Mini Squigz: These will stick to the floor, walls, or even therapy balls! Give your child a secret code of colors to pull, or use them like ski poles on a scooter board to move around.

Happy Holidays All!

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